This is a story about Coco the first

Bully Love celebrates and honors the life of the late Coco The Bully Chanel – a beloved English Bulldog who spread joy everywhere she went. We lost her in March 2020 to cancer at nine years old, but through her, gained friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. You could say, Coco is the founder of Bully Love, because she taught us so much about caring for your neighbor and putting others first.

Her legacy lives on in the never-ending stories we have of her and the Coco-approved products we share with your bully, that helped extend her life to the fullest. 

Since her passing, we have opened up our homes to bulldogs in need as foster parents, with the local organization, Lonestar Bulldog Club Rescue. Like humans, each bulldog is unique and special in their own way. We are committed to learning the needs of each individual bully that comes our way, to help you better understand the needs of yours.


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